About Julian

Welcome to my site! Here is s little bit about me and why I created Forest Shepherd…

I have always been an avid and dedicated outdoorsman, and strongly connected to the forest. I love hiking and tracking Elk, along with all the other various creatures of the woods. I would have to say that my two favorite places in the world are the Old Growth temperate rain forest (on the Olympic Peninsula), and the High Alpine Wilderness. These ancient places have a magical feeling, that is hard to describe. This love and connection to the forest has led me to the current life path, which I am now hiking.

I have been a General Contractor for 15 years, and have worked with wood my entire life. A couple of years ago we decided to plant a large garden on our homestead, in an attempt to try and be more self sufficient. We had to take down a couple of big Maples and Cottonwoods, to make space for the garden. The Maple would usually be used to heat our homes, and the cottonwood would lay on the forest floor to decompose. This time, I wanted to be able to give these trees a second life, and make beautiful things from the wood. I purchased a large Alaskan sawmill, and got to work. Since then, I have slowly transitioned from remodels and additions, to fine woodworking and milling. I do much of my woodwork from my home workshop. I also work with Sky Valley Timber Products, in Sultan Washington, who have an amazing selection of slabs and log inventory.

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to use my business, Forest Shepherd, to help create more Wilderness. I figured that the best way I could do this, was to save 70% of my profits, and invest, into the purchase of raw land. It is my dream to create “new” Old Growth forests, for future generations to enjoy. This will be my big lifelong contribution, to the Earth and society. I hope that you share in my dream, and I appreciate you helping me make this become a reality.
Thank you,
Julian Iacobazzi
Owner & Sawyer