Monster Douglas Fir


I finally made it back to get the second half of this monster Douglas Fir! It was 69.5″ wide by 75″ tall, and 16 feet long…it grew to the size of an old growth, in just 104 years! (It had root fungus, and was right next to the house, so it had to be removed). It was so big, I had to rip it in half, just to fit it on my boom truck. I retrieved the first half last month, and my trucks wheel cylinder started leaking, so I had it repaired. I’m glad to have this project complete! It was quite stressful loading even half, of this large of a log…..not to mention the white knuckle drive back to the yard…glad I have new brakes…lol….actually, not really laughing! I’m so happy that Denny let me save this log from the firewood pile! I will mill it into slabs in a couple months, and give some to him for his generosity. A luthier friend will also get a slab from this tree. He used to live in this house, and the tree was very special to him. This tree will now get a second life, and be appreciated by many!….and make some beautiful massive conference tables!

Check out the process in the slideshow below!

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